We have supported many brands through their creative campaigns such as Xbox, OG Esport with Binance or Spacefox through rich and artistic universes.


The V.Hive app was designed to bring together fans of Team Vitality. Upon connecting, users are assigned a 3D avatar that is half-human, half-bee, which they can then customize with digital wearables earned through quests.

These quests aim to support Team Vitality, whether it be at events or on social media. This engagement allows users to climb the V.Hive ranking. Rewards include limited edition products, discounts, access to events, and unique experiences with Team Vitality players.

Since announcing their partnership in January 2022, Team Vitality and Tezos have placed the education of fans at the heart of their strategy, using Tezos blockchain to engage them in the Web3 world.

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Launching a new Xbox console is a huge deal. To date it has only happened 3 times in almost 20 years.  But the birth of the Series X became the biggest moment in Xbox history because the Series X is the most powerful console in video game history.  

But what does that mean, really? What can one do with all this new power?  Simply, with the Xbox Series X, you can Power Your Dreams.  We created a global campaign that does just that—powers gaming dreams through fantastical visuals and surreal, dreamy designs.

These fantastical and dreamy scenes are representations of video game worlds and genres that any player would want to immersive themselves in.


OG ESports is the first-ever “Premium Event” ESports creator at Binance. The addition of the OG ESports to Binance is another feather in the cap for its NFT marketplace which has assembled top drawer talent to its platform.

The initial OG NFT collection tells the story of an OG astronaut visiting the planet Binance and meeting its inhabitants.

As described by Binance, “This scene takes place in 3 different parallel universes, unravelling the rich and adaptive nature of the planet.”


The film shows the meeting of the worlds of two brands, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini. To make it a unique and surprising spot, we choose a very particular axis: an immersion in these two worlds through a fascinating sequence-shot made of projections of images and effects of light reflections.

Direction : Unit Motion Design
Direction and Creative Direction : François-Côme du Boistesselin
Concepts/Art Directors/MotionDesigners : Jonathan Plesel, Thibault Zeller

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Spacefox is a company that designs space-themed clothing. For her Collision collection, they called us to create a trailer.

Each of the bracelets is linked to an NFT on the Elrond blockchain which guarantees its authenticity. The meteorites contained in the Collision bracelets have been certified by Luc Labenne. When they come into his possession, the meteorite stones are analyzed in order to define their chemical composition, their origin and their nature.

We were therefore able to support the Spacefox teams through the production of these NFTs up to the visual elements present on the product presentation page.

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This film was directed and created by Λmbre Verse for the launch of the Metaluxury NFT project by Lexclusive, a luxury experimential digital platform created by Doli Grace.

LEXCLUSIVE is a luxury experiential digital platform by membership. that opens the doors to a fine selection of exclusive luxury pieces, access to the best tailor-made experiences with experts and lifestyle services worldwide.

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